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Our Story

Fun facts about our relationship, with pictures.

How We Met

Ben and Elise first met in the summer of 2017 when they were both counselors at a mock trial summer camp for high school students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Ben was impressed with Elise's ability to navigate UNC's campus, and Elise was amused by Ben's willingness to sass arrogant students from rival mock trial teams. These are the actual, real-life first photos ever taken of us.  No one ever thought these would be used on a wedding website!

A Medium Distance Relationship

When we met, Ben was in school at Georgia Tech, and Elise had just graduated from UNC.  Thankfully, Elise was moving to Georgia to go to law school literally three days later.  While Elise spent her first year of law school at an unmentionable institution in Athens, Elise and Ben would visit each other basically every weekend.  Elise would brave the horror that is metro Atlanta traffic on a Friday afternoon, and Ben would spend upwards of an hour on a MegaBus. 


Thankfully, Elise wanted to move to Atlanta, and she did so earlier than expected when she transferred to Emory Law School.  Ben and Elise continued to date as Ben became a consultant and Elise became an attorney.  Although we accomplished many things and had a wonderful relationship in these years, there are basically no pictures of us from early 2020 to mid 2022.  It's impossible to say what global calamity caused us to stay home in sweatpants and not take photos.


Importantly, we have the best halloween costumes of any couple, ever. (Even during COVID). 

Nicolas Cage & the

Declaration of Independence

Dungeons & Dragons

Dr. Ian Malcolm &

a Dinosaur

A Pirate and a Parrot

Pippin the Cat

The best thing to come out of the pandemic was that we moved in together and adopted a cat! His name is Pippin, he is allergic to his teeth, and we love him unconditionally.  Despite our failure to take many pictures documenting our relationship, we have taken more than 600 photos of Pippin. Here are some of our favorites.


In May of 2022, Ben proposed!  It was on a boat, in the Wilmington, NC intracoastal waterway, and there were actual dolphins

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