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Your presence at the wedding is enough,

but if you would like to give us a gift we have two options.

First, we are seeking monetary gifts towards either our honeymoon or one of our favorite charities. Second, we have registered for a few items in a traditional registry on Amazon. We appreciate your kindness and your desire to support us!


We are SO excited to travel to Fiji for a two-week honeymoon in May 2024. We will be staying at two amazing resorts and taking every opportunity to see sharks, sea turtles, and other incredible marine life. Any financial gifts we receive will help us seek out the most exciting experiences without worrying about costs (and see more sharks!). We are using Honeyfund to facilitate gifts to support our honeymoon. 

GiveWell is an organization that my dad introduced to me, and I have yet to be convinced that there's a better way to donate. They study which charities are able to do the most good with every dollar they receive, and this fund sends 100% of the donations to those organizations. Most or all of my charitable giving every year goes to GiveWell's top charities fund, and I would be thrilled if you would do the same as your gift to us. -Ben

My multi-decade fandom of Hank and John Green introduced me to this charity years ago, and I am consistently impressed with their work. Partners in Health works to bring the state-of-the-art healthcare we rely on in the U.S. to disadvantaged communities worldwide. They have brought modern maternity care to women in places with the highest maternal mortality rates and gotten tuberculosis tests and medications to patients who have no access to them. Please consider supporting them! -Elise

There are SO many rescue organizations in the world; this is the one where we got our cat, Pippin. Georgia Homeless Pets is a foster-based rescue that takes in pets from overcrowded shelters and animal control centers to avoid animals being euthanized. Please consider supporting them, or a no-kill shelter or foster charity in your area, in Pippin's honor as your wedding gift to us!  -Elise and Ben 


For those who would prefer to give a more traditional gift, we have created a small registry on Amazon.

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